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Amazon Affiliate Sites are great for beginners who are looking to make some money with a website. The idea is very simple. You bring traffic to your site, and if someone clicks on your affiliate links through to Amazon and buys – then you will make a commission. The process is simple enough, but it is by no means easy.

How to source traffic

First you need to be clear on the type of traffic you want to attract. If it is not traffic that is looking to buy then you make not make any sales. If you target keywords that indicate some level of buying intent then you will have a much better chance of getting the right kind of traffic. Some examples include:

  • Best quality steak knives
  • Top rated video games
  • Iphone 7 Review

I am sure you get the idea.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of competition out there for these types of money key words. The bulk of your traffic opportunities will come from ranking on Google and there are already millions of similar Amazon Affiliate sites out there. So how do you compete?

Find your Sub-Niche

The answer is to niche down until you get to some very specific products with long tail keywords that are not so obvious.

The best tool that I have found for this is by far is Long Tail Pro. It is amazing software and makes the whole process far easier than using a free tool like Google’s Keyword Planner. It will cost you a subscription fee, but will give you a much clearer idea on how much work you will need to do to rank on Google for your target key words.

If you are having trouble finding a niche you may want to brainstorm all the elements of your idea. For example, if you wanted to do a site about shoes you may find that the competition is too difficult to rank for as it is such a broad topic. Major brands will no doubt dominate the search rankings. What if we get a bit deeper and want to do a site specifically on running shoes? We may be fighting it out with Nike and Adidas. A battle we will not win. But what kind of running shoes are there?

  • Shoes
    • Running shoes
      • Running shoes for marathons
      • Cross training shoes
      • Waterproof running shoes
      • Light weight running shoes
      • Running shoes with extra cushion

You need to focus your research on these little sub niches and keep going until you find a gap in the market. If you can find some words with high traffic, and low competition then you could be on to a winner.

Plan your Content 

One of the major advantages of Long Tail Pro is that once you have your sub niches you can use this as a seed keyword, then LTP will give you a list of associated words. This is where you can plan out your content, and feed in those buying keywords along the way.

  • Top ten waterproof running shoes
  • Top rated waterproof shoes for triathletes
  • XYZ waterproof shoes review

Once you finish this process you will have your content plan ready to go.

Now it is time to find the items to review in your content. Head over to Amazon and search your target key words to see what the top selling items are. You can learn all you need to about the product by reading the description of the product and the customer reviews.

Make sure you add in some personality into the writing and offer your own personal take on things. Without this your content will sound boring and will not get anyone excited to buy!

Now, you are ready to start writing. The more content you post on your website the more likely you are to start getting traffic from Google, and you will be primed to make money doing reviews of these products.

Think Big – Think Long Term

If you are targeting sub niches then you may need to build multiple Amazon Affiliate Sites to make a decent income. You will never know which niches will take off until you get started. Your best chance at finding a winner is to test the waters with multiple sites and then go all in on those that show good early signs of paying off.

If you choose your niche well then 10-20 articles can be enough to earn a few hundred dollars a month. If you can setup ten sites doing the same then you have a very nice monthly income that will be very passive once complete.

The commission structure for Amazon affiliates is tiered based on the number of items that you sell in a month. Commissions start at 4% and top out at 8.5%. So if you sell more items you get a bigger piece of each item you sell. This can accelerate your earnings growth from you Amazon Affiliate sites as you start to gain some traction.

The most important thing to remember when building Amazon Affiliate Sites is to be patient, and stick with it. It takes time to rank on Google and if you are tempted to take shortcuts to rank it will hurt you in the long run.



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