How Much Money Can I Make on Youtube

The growth of Youtube over the last decade has been phenomenal. At the time of writing there are …. worth of video uploaded every day, and …. number of views. It is now the second largest search engine on the internet, behind Google. The latter of course being the owner of Youtube. With new Youtube millionaires being made every year many people are asking just how much money can i make on Youtube?

The answer is a hell of a lot! If you have a video that goes viral and gains millions of views you can really hit the jackpot. To get to the very top though you may need to come up with the next Gangnam Style, or Baby, Baby, Baby ohhhhh…. Both have racked up well over over a billion views. The former now up to 2.5b.

Such monster hits are beyond your average Youtuber, so what is a more realistic goal to set for how much you can make on Youtube? This all depends on how much content you want to put out there. Those that find consistent success build channels that provide regular content, and builds a solid base of subscribers. If you can do this you don’t need the massive viral hit to make a good living.

What you will need is content that is engaging for your audience. That is a very broad idea that could mean any number of things. What people respond to on the internet can be unpredictable. I mean, who would have thought that Pineapple Pen thing was a good idea? Not me. It now has over 100,000,000 views, and is climbing rapidly!

If you are looking to make money on Youtube alone then you will need to activate Adsense Ads on your videos. To be eligible for this you will have to make entirely original content. You cannot cash in using other’s copywrited material. This includes the background music for any recordings you do. If you do not follow these rules you could find yourself banned for breaching the Adsense TOS.

As with any Adsense based model, you need serious volume if you are going to make serious money. having said that, you will be amazed what what regular people are earning from their Youtube channel. If you are looking for some inspiration check out Social Blade for some estimates of what your favourite Youtubers are making.

Everyday Examples of Success

Some examples of every day people who are killing it on Youtube:

Fitness Blender

A favourite of mine. They offer a great range of free exercise videos. Over time they have built up a catalogue of over 700 videos doing something they obviously enjoy, and are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from Youtube alone.

With over 12 million views per month you can be a lot of that traffic is leasing to some great sales on their Fitness Blender website.

Project life mastery

I am not a big fan of this guy. In my opinion he talks a lot of hot air in most of his videos. But he is a good example of a regular guy that makes a lot of content and is earning well. Nothing compared to the above example with his earnings closer to $1,000 a month.

With 130,000 subscribers he obviously creates value for a lot of people. Al to of the mindset stuff he talks about people relate to. Plus he sends a lot of that traffic to his website where he sells his own courses. He has turned Youtube into a cash machine that goes well beyond the Adsense revenue.

Cute Girls Hairstyles

This is the ultimate example of someone coming from nothing to make it big on Youtube. This regular mom started making videos of herself doing her daughter’s hair. An everyday problem that millions and millions of Moms deal with every day. This simple idea has exploded and they now have over 400 videos, nearly 5 million subscribers and over 15 million views every single month.

All of this adds up to an income of around half a million dollars per year in Youtube earnings. Pretty amazing stuff and something that everyone should take notice of. The underlying message is to find something you are good at, and put something out there. You never know what will take off next.

Youtube is a Springboard for Business

What each of these channels have in common is they release regular content to keep their audience coming back, and to ensure their subscription base continues to grow. They offer great value for their viewers in their videos which is what keeps them engaged and coming back. So you have to ask yourself, what is your own value proposition? What do you have to offer the Youtube community?

You will also notice that these channels are being used to promote other business activities, and traffic to their own websites as well as engaging a Youtube audience. So if you are not just looking to provide entertainment value you can really show off your products and services by tapping into this massive traffic source. Some examples of the types of businesses that use this strategy:

⁃ Physical Products
⁃ Digital Products
⁃ Promoting products (affiliate marketing)
⁃ Promoting services
⁃ Promote blog or other information sites

While you don’t need to have a business to make money from Youtube it can definitely speed things up.

Start Somewhere, Anywhere

If all of these avenues scare the hell out of you and you don’t know where to start, then the best thing you can do is try something. Find a topic you enjoy talking about, and make a video talking about it. Offer an opinion, some advice, some instructions on how to complete a task…. You never know what could take off. So start putting things out there and build on your successes.

Progress will be a slow at first. As you add more content and get more subscribers there is a real snowball effect that can gain momentum over time. So before you start asking how much can i make on youtube, you first need to think about what content would you enjoy making and what would add value to there people’s lives. Then you have to get to work and be consistent.

Once you gain traction the sky is the limit and you can earn more than you could have imagined. It will take time though. To earn a $5,000 a month income from youtube you will need on average …. views per month. This number will fluctuate depending on the type of videos you make and how relevant the ads that are shown will be to your audience.

If it is something you enjoy doing then you can forget about the money and let things grow over time without pressure. You may surprise yourself with what you can achieve. Just as we have seen with those behind Cute Girls Hairstyles, You can do this too.



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