Earn Money Online Without Investment

If you want to earn money online without investment then it is easy to do so if you have a marketable skill. Freelance work, and productized services are an emerging part of the new economy that is moving online. Companies no longer need to hire for specialised tasks and can quickly find project based services online to fill that void. A massive time and cost saver for them, a massive business opportunity for you.

If you are thinking to yourself that you have no marketable skills, and you have a job, then you are likely wrong. Think about what a regular job is. Someone is paying you to perform specific tasks, and you need skills to perform these tasks. If you can package that skill and offer it online then you have a golden ticket to earning money online with no upfront investment.

For those who are still stuck, the good news is that you can learn almost any skill you like – also online! Some of the most in demand online jobs are content creation (AKA writing), graphic and web design, SEO, social media marketing and consulting. If these terms scare you, then this highlights exactly why there is an opportunity here. They scare most people and they will pay others to perform these tasks and remove the problem.

You can take a basic course in any of these areas, plus thousands more on platforms like Udemy. Most courses cost $10 or $20. Ok, this is an investment but if you are baulking at paying a few bucks to learn a marketable skill you probably won’t succeed doing this anyway and should find something else.

Let’s assume you have a skill that you can package up and sell, where can you find customers without putting in some dollars?


In addition to the typical online services mentioned you will find all sorts of things offered here. You can hire people to write comments on a blog, translate text to a different language, record an infomercial, photographers, provide Facebook likes, build up Pinterest followings and just about anything you can think of. If you are still short of ideas then ten minutes browsing Fiverr should ring a few bells for what you can offer.

Obviously the more obscure your service the less likely you are to get a gig. So stay close to the mainstream if you can, present a good quality profile, offer a variety of services and include a few upsells and you can have a viable income stream in no time.


You have the advantage here of being able to pitch your services to potential clients who post job offers. There is more freedom to set your own rates here and you can earn well if you offer high quality work.

There is a lot of noise on this platform with plenty of poor quality operators, so you will have to put in the time and effort to stand out. Maybe even work cheap for the first few jobs to build up your feedback scores and establish your reputation.

Also check out Elance, Freelancer and ….


If you have a specialised skill that you can offer to a targeted community then lurking in a form can be a great way to drum up business. You will have to put in the time to respond to people’s questions and offer genuinely helpful information.

A short summary of your service in your signature with an email address could get you some leads as you build trust within the group. This will require a consistent investment of your time so best to choose something you enjoy talking about if you choose to go down this route.

Some Investment Required to go Legit

If you want to build a real business around your services then you need your own website. This will also help you to be taken seriously by potential customers that may find you through other platforms. It doesn’t take much to google someone and if you are non-existent on the web then people may go elsewhere for someone who looks legit.

So do yourself a favour and invest in your own domain name and some cheap hosting. Many hosting companies such as Bluehost and Blacksteel will include free WordPress themes with the hosting package. They are quick and easy to setup and can have you online within a few minutes.

It may cost $20-$30 to get started, but again this is peanuts to get a business underway.

You can then start drumming up customers from a number of free sources. Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest may all be relevant to your niche. Over time you can get a helping hand from Google if you are adding useful content on your site.

There are a million and one ways you can earn money online without investment. The question to ask yourself is whether the time investment is worth it to you and if it is better than the alternative path. Your progress in any of these areas can be accelerated if you have some capital to help you out, but it is not necessary if you are willing to put in the work.



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