Adsense Income – Can you reach six figures?

With Adsense being the go to monetisation method for most who are looking to make some money of their content, it can be very deflating for those just starting out. Unless you are in a very high cost per click (CPC) niche then you could see pennies as a return for your efforts. It may seem impossible to reach that six figures on Adsense income alone.

In order to reach six figures in Adsense income then a big shift in mindset is required. Your personal blog that may have started out as a hobby just wont cut it. You are making a few cents here and there because that that is the advertising value that your content delivers. Unless it is likely that your personal blog could end up with hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors then you will not get there.

What is Adsense?

Adsense is a contextual advertising platform run by Google for publishers that allow for easy addition of advertising to your web page. Its simplicity is what draws in many new starters.

The advertisers come from Google’s Adwords platform. This allows advertisers to target specific keywords for their advertising spend.

Google is very advanced at matching up the advertising that people see to ensure maximum relevancy. It matches it up to the content on the page, but also the the viewers browsing history. Have you ever noticed that after visiting a site that their ads seem to follow you around the web? Well that is Google working its magic.

The advantage of all this for the publisher is that most of the hard work is already done to get you a  strong click through rate (CTR). All you then have to worry about is your ad positioning, and getting an audience in front of that advertising.

How do you earn Adsense Income?

Every time that someone clicks on one of your ads, this triggers a payment to Google that you split 68/32 Not every keyword will pay at the same rate. Some will pay just a few cents, where as others in more competitive and profitable spaces can earn you $5-$10 per click. Sometimes higher.

Google’s keyword planner will give you an approximate cost per click on the Adwords platform. You can work out from here what you could earn per click on your own site if you produce content that targets that key word.

Getting to Six Figures

Lets say you are earning $1 per click on average. It doesn’t take a maths genius to work out we need 100,000 clicks to get to that six figure mark. If we assume a CTR of 5% then that means we need 2,000,000 page view to hit our earnings goal.

This is a number beyond most websites. You either need a very popular, or very large site to get near that level of page views. Not an impossible task, but we are looking at years of work to get there if ever.

Portfolio Approach

Rather than putting all your eggs in one basket and looking to hit this earnings goal with one site, you can broaden your approach and look to build out multiple sites. How many will depend on you and whether you will outsource your content creation or not. 10-20 sites you can do yourself if you stay committed. 100-200 sites and you will need a little help.

To really have a shot at hitting six figures in Adsense earnings you will need to go very wide to identify those sites that can get you there. No matter how good your keyword research and competitor analysis is sometimes your site just wont take off. When you do see some success you can double down on those sites and turn them into the monster sites that can get you to six figures.

In order to crank out these sites you will need to develop a system and a budget. If you aim for 10-15 initial pieces of content then that will give you an idea as to whether you can rank and get traffic for the site.

These days you have to give Google time to index your site. While there are still shortcuts you can take we do not recommend that you do this. Better off to let time do its work and continue to churn out more sites in the meantime. After three to six months you can review those created in the past and then look to build out those getting traffic and hopefully some earnings too. An additional 30-100 pieces of content could see your site sky rocket over the next twelve months.

The only caveat here is that your niche may to be too narrow to build out this much content. In which case the trade off is more sites making a contribution.

All you need is 40 sites earning you $200 a month and you will get very close to that $100k per year. You will have some do better, and some do worse. As you can see though this is workable system that can get you there over time.

Authority Site Approach

This carries some extra risk when you are starting out. As mentioned above, you don’t always know if your site will take off or not. The authority site approach basically means fewer sites, but turning them into content monsters that will dominate the niche. We are looking to be a market leader here and not just collecting a few scraps from Google traffic in obscure niches.

You don’t necessarily need to be an expert in the field that your site is in. You can continue to be led by your keyword research  and outsource your content creation. When doing your initial key word research you will need closer to 100 target keywords that you can rank for in order to build out your site.

The time and money commitment can be significant for this approach, and the risks are sightly higher with your efforts concentrated in fewer sites. The payoff can be enormous though. Over time as your domain builds authority with Google you can rank for thousands of key words and build a very steady and reliable source of income.

The authority site approach is also more conducive to other monetisation methods. Adsense can be a six figure contributor if your site, or sites are large enough. If you have authority in your niche then you can also build a large following. This relationship can open up far more opportunities than what Adsense can offer. As you build trust you can recommend products and collect affiliate commissions, or even move to create and sell your own products also.

As Google’s algorithm becomes more advanced the black hat techniques of the past that could rocket you to the top of the search results either don’t work, or will only work for a short time. No one wants to put in the hard work getting to the top only to have it taken away overnight. The road to six figures on Adsense is longer than it once was, but it is still achievable if you commit over the long term.

A combination of quality and volume need to be your guiding principles if Adsense is the source of income you are after. Quality will get you the traffic, and volume will get you the audience big enough to hit that six figure mark.



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